EAIU, In wisdom, we lead the world

Education For Sustainable Development And Community Engagement


East Africa Institutes and University  (EAIU) is based, not for profit private university established in 1993. It received a civil charter from the government of Uganda on 2nd February,   2005.

The mission of this university is’ to provide quality higher education, training and research for betterment of society guided by ethical values.’

EAIU’s Vision is ‘to be a university that is nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in research, teaching, learning, advancement of knowledge and community engagement.’

The first attempt to carry out community engagement started with the setting up of the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies in 1996 which served as an incubator for new progammes, courses and faculties. It brought to life many programmes especially those using the distance education mode. It also conducted short courses for the benefit of many members of society.